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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Traveling Advice

Planning a trip this weekend? Traveling to see a fratdaddy, your football team kill the home team, visit a friend from HS, or family well we have some simple advice for you!

Visiting your fratdaddy from another school?
Make sure he knows you're coming to make sure you're not walking in on him and his slampiece at his school. (Come on you'd hope he'd give you the heads up so you make sure your on campus fratdaddy isn't there to ruin your double dipping fun.)

Traveling with friends for a football game?
Safe route is to stay with those you're traveling with. If you happen to be traveling with a hunky fratdaddy then go for him. Hookups in new places are sooo much fun!

Visiting that best friend from high school?
She of course should be another good sorostitute and thus have plenty of cute fratdaddies looking for a change of pace this weekend and have a Mom in her group that can get the info on any fratdaddy you choose.

Visiting family?
First of all clear the level of appropriateness with said family member...blood is thicker than a hookup, err water.

If you are visiting your sister, life is great because you know like any good sister she will let you know who the acceptable fratdaddies are and have put in a good word for you with them. She will also have given you a pictorial board of all the off-limit fratdaddies.

Cousins aren't to much to worry about just keep it classy and don't embarrassing them by going for their roommate's ex bf that they're still in love with.

Now brothers are the tricky visit...because no matter the age relation brothers will always be protective of their sisters. So how do you manage this? Check with the brother maybe he has some great friend that he thinks he can set you up with, or maybe he has a arch rival that he would stop speaking to you if you two were to hookup. And if he plain just doesn't want you getting on one of his friends then don't....haha I am so not serious. Just sneak around like you're in high school again or hiding from housemom. Make sure the guy knows that if your brother finds out not only will your brother beat his ass, but you will too.

Visiting a school with no Greek Life???
If you end up in this awful situation I am truly sorry. You could just cancel the visit upon learning this or take the vow of celibacy for the weekend, but you can salvage your visit. There are acceptable substitutes. Are there secret societies? Because if there are your host should know how to spot at least a couple of them giving you viable options there. Otherwise there is my favorite option: athletes. Most schools that don't have Greek Life are smaller, but still have sports teams that serve as mini fraternities with their own initiations, traditions, brotherhoods, drinking, and reputations on campus. They are an acceptable option because they normally dress well when going out, have money to have supported their habit to this level, and would have joined a fraternity at another school because they would have needed the male comradery. As an added plus nice bodies...yumm!

Hope you have a lovely trip if you're heading off campus. And remember to tweet us Monday @sorostitutes about the fun weekend you had!

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