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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Boys, One Girl

Every once and a while, a good tease and, in general, a good sorostitute will find herself in a predicament. You see, it is highly likely that the tease is playing more than one frat daddy. Likewise, when the weekend comes around and both men have inquired about your whereabouts, situations get a little tight. How must a good sorostitute choose between slampieces? Here are a few guidelines that we at follow:

1.) Ask yourself which fraternity is more powerful?

· Every good sorostitute knows that powerful fraternities on campus= powerful men in bed. Give him the reigns for one sack session and he will blow your mind… that is if you don’t blow his first.

2.) Do I want to date him or slam him?

· Some fratties come with emotions and baggage. If you just want to get in and out avoid these men as much as possible. If you are looking for something more reliable (aka a “buddy”) then try the emotionals. Sure, they’ll drive you crazy with the constant phone calls and texts, but at least you will not have to increase your numbers…

3.) Will he make me do any of his chores?

· Some frat daddies are just flat out douchebags, and that is why we love them. There is something about them that just makes us sorostitutes want to iron their clothes and make them sandwiches. If you’re not in the mood to do such things, avoid them at all costs.

4.) How many of his brothers have a hooked up with?

· Pretty straightforward. Nobody wants to be a whore.

5.) How many of my sisters has he hooked up with?

· Again, you really don’t want to seem like a whore.

6.) How far is the walk of shame?

· Something to consider when comparing two men. Shorter walks in highly crowed Greek Row lose to longer walks through ordinary neighborhoods.

7.) Who is better in bed?


And so it is, sometimes we must pick and choose between boys… but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

XOXO Tease

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