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Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's hear it for the assholes.

Kanye's new song dropped yesterday at the VMA's, and of course we were all watching, crammed into the living room at the srat house. Immediately we realized it was our new anthem.

"Let's hear it for the assholes. Let's hear it for the douchebags. Let's here it for the scumbags."

Douchebags. Assholes. We love them. We spend hours talking to them over text, in person and on fb. We spend twice that much time dissecting what they say and do, what's on their twitter or fb. They, on the other hand, have it down to a science. They have books about The Game. They are aloof and cool- gaining your attention. Then they make contact, immediately hooking you in. The rest of your srat crew rushes in and tells you everyone he's ever dated, rumored hookups, where he's from and how much $ he has. Then, when you finally decide you will go for it back, they become huge assholes. But only until you deflect. Then, they do as little as possible to reel you back in. Then- ASSHOLE.

Its a cycle. We spend hours lamenting, bitching about fratdaddies and their games. We want nice guys. Puppies! FALSE. We wouldn't know what to do with a nice boy if we found one. What are flowers without an apology? What is a hookup without the 'makeup'? A Tiffany's Classic Setting is made to be wrapped around your finger, not a fratdaddy.

And unfortunately, that's exactly what we love about them.

edit: just so you know, we are just waiting for the male 1/2 of our generation to grow into their Sperry's 

xoxo Slampiece

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