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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Traveling Advice

Planning a trip this weekend? Traveling to see a fratdaddy, your football team kill the home team, visit a friend from HS, or family well we have some simple advice for you!

Visiting your fratdaddy from another school?
Make sure he knows you're coming to make sure you're not walking in on him and his slampiece at his school. (Come on you'd hope he'd give you the heads up so you make sure your on campus fratdaddy isn't there to ruin your double dipping fun.)

Traveling with friends for a football game?
Safe route is to stay with those you're traveling with. If you happen to be traveling with a hunky fratdaddy then go for him. Hookups in new places are sooo much fun!

Visiting that best friend from high school?
She of course should be another good sorostitute and thus have plenty of cute fratdaddies looking for a change of pace this weekend and have a Mom in her group that can get the info on any fratdaddy you choose.

Visiting family?
First of all clear the level of appropriateness with said family member...blood is thicker than a hookup, err water.

If you are visiting your sister, life is great because you know like any good sister she will let you know who the acceptable fratdaddies are and have put in a good word for you with them. She will also have given you a pictorial board of all the off-limit fratdaddies.

Cousins aren't to much to worry about just keep it classy and don't embarrassing them by going for their roommate's ex bf that they're still in love with.

Now brothers are the tricky visit...because no matter the age relation brothers will always be protective of their sisters. So how do you manage this? Check with the brother maybe he has some great friend that he thinks he can set you up with, or maybe he has a arch rival that he would stop speaking to you if you two were to hookup. And if he plain just doesn't want you getting on one of his friends then don't....haha I am so not serious. Just sneak around like you're in high school again or hiding from housemom. Make sure the guy knows that if your brother finds out not only will your brother beat his ass, but you will too.

Visiting a school with no Greek Life???
If you end up in this awful situation I am truly sorry. You could just cancel the visit upon learning this or take the vow of celibacy for the weekend, but you can salvage your visit. There are acceptable substitutes. Are there secret societies? Because if there are your host should know how to spot at least a couple of them giving you viable options there. Otherwise there is my favorite option: athletes. Most schools that don't have Greek Life are smaller, but still have sports teams that serve as mini fraternities with their own initiations, traditions, brotherhoods, drinking, and reputations on campus. They are an acceptable option because they normally dress well when going out, have money to have supported their habit to this level, and would have joined a fraternity at another school because they would have needed the male comradery. As an added plus nice bodies...yumm!

Hope you have a lovely trip if you're heading off campus. And remember to tweet us Monday @sorostitutes about the fun weekend you had!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Single doesn't mean I'm lookin for somebody

Lately I've grown disappointed in my men...not that they've been slacking, but that they've been soft. To quote Sam Adams...and my now fav playlist: Single doesn't Mean I'm lookin for somebody.
1) A hookup doesn't mean we need to date
a) I need to do a proper background check before agreeing to see you again
b) My girls need to give approval before I make any decisions
c) Don't suffocate me...if I say I'll see you when I see you, I mean I'm not interested
d) Gain some self respect that if I'm not responding to you...STOP TEXTING
2) Yes I know you talk, but come on your best friend's brother's cousin's boss doesn't need to know that we texted last just seem pathetic.
3) To reference Tease...if there is no chase I will not remotely be interested.
4) I'm young...just like you fratdaddies I need to toy with my options. There exist exceptions to this rule, but mostly I just wanna keep you around to maintain good chapter relations
5) Its not awkward unless you make it awkward...we're big kids, we've done this before no need to act like its 5th grade and we're each other's first kiss.

All I'm asking for is the Knight in shining frat-tee. To come sweep me off my feet at a bar one night, buy me and my girls a round (then a few more for me), hookup, text occasionally to see my plans, "run into me" at the bar again, and repeat this process till I deem you worthy of me.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Boys, One Girl

Every once and a while, a good tease and, in general, a good sorostitute will find herself in a predicament. You see, it is highly likely that the tease is playing more than one frat daddy. Likewise, when the weekend comes around and both men have inquired about your whereabouts, situations get a little tight. How must a good sorostitute choose between slampieces? Here are a few guidelines that we at follow:

1.) Ask yourself which fraternity is more powerful?

· Every good sorostitute knows that powerful fraternities on campus= powerful men in bed. Give him the reigns for one sack session and he will blow your mind… that is if you don’t blow his first.

2.) Do I want to date him or slam him?

· Some fratties come with emotions and baggage. If you just want to get in and out avoid these men as much as possible. If you are looking for something more reliable (aka a “buddy”) then try the emotionals. Sure, they’ll drive you crazy with the constant phone calls and texts, but at least you will not have to increase your numbers…

3.) Will he make me do any of his chores?

· Some frat daddies are just flat out douchebags, and that is why we love them. There is something about them that just makes us sorostitutes want to iron their clothes and make them sandwiches. If you’re not in the mood to do such things, avoid them at all costs.

4.) How many of his brothers have a hooked up with?

· Pretty straightforward. Nobody wants to be a whore.

5.) How many of my sisters has he hooked up with?

· Again, you really don’t want to seem like a whore.

6.) How far is the walk of shame?

· Something to consider when comparing two men. Shorter walks in highly crowed Greek Row lose to longer walks through ordinary neighborhoods.

7.) Who is better in bed?


And so it is, sometimes we must pick and choose between boys… but hey, someone’s gotta do it!

XOXO Tease

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Proper Diet and Exercise...aka Natty, Addy and Nike

A post on one of my favorite sites, TFM today:

Reminded me of a certain sorority on campus. They get gorgeous girls just like we do, but in a very certain mold. Having a very easily identified type of girl is helpful to these chapters...until the fake IDs and nights out, as well as over-slamming get to them. By the time they hit the end of junior year they shit. And then people know them as 1/2 pretty and 1/2...."sweet". (Ask Southern Belle what calling someone 'darling' or 'sweet' means).

How do you avoid this? Diet. Exercise. 
(Fortunately this Slampiece doesn't need to do either, but you do.)

I don't know why you would let anyone ever see you eat (Tease hasn't been seen eating since 2007). BUT if you must, here is your shopping list:

  • Diet Coke
  • Evian Water (Fiji is for GDI's)
  • Addy (Adderal)- OK you don't buy this, you get an RX but its just as necessary. 
  • 100 calorie packs 
  • Celery
  • Baking Supplies-so you can bake and maintain Frat Relations
  • Drunk food for Functional Alc and/or your Frat Daddy (lock this up during the week- no temptations!)
  • Whipped Cream

Done. That's it. If you go on a date that can be your meal/carbs for the week because what Fratty wants you to waste his money? Oh, right, all of them. 


  • Wear Nike running shorts and date party tee's as often as possible- at least you look like you are fit
  • Make a point to wear block letters to the gym. Especially since then only greek's will be allowed to speak to you
  • Bring a Cosmo, Vogue, or Southern Living and jump on the elliptical. Don't get off until you're so tired you think that leggings as pants sound as cute the article says they do.
  • Slamming, duh. Just an hour of hooking up can burn almost 100 cal's! No excuses now ;)
  • If you don't fit into your XS bid day shirt, whip out the Amex Black card and buy yourself a personal trainer to yell at you until you do.

Do what you must but avoid the Freshman 15 at all costs. 
No excuses- Srat like a champion.

Until next time, 


Should you delete the number?

(708): having to delete all your hookups stored in your phone as first name followed by frat/bar after they've graduated is such a bittersweet feeling

The moment in life when a fratdaddy graduates is a sad day, but there exists no reason to delete his number. You should never delete a number that could be of use in the future. The appropriate response to a fratdaddy graduating is to now save his number as though he is a business contact by using his full name so John Theta Chi now becomes John Smith. I mean how awkward would it be if John were to come in town for a tailgate, wanted to grab a drink with you so he texts, and you have to ask who it was…that would be insulting and he’d have every right to cancel. You have just successfully lost face time with a fratdaddy with not only daddy’s money, but now making his own money.

For example I made this grave mistake once because in changing fratberries a new number of an older fratdaddy was lost and replaced with his old one, I know I can’t believe I let this happen either. This sir texted and invited me to a sporting event…of course like every good sorostitute I have knowledge of sports to converse with fratdaddies so I was interested, but needed to think about who the sir was I would be attending with. Luckily the fratdaddy was an old family friend so he was a good sport about it, but asking who was texting me was unbelievably embarrassing. Can you imagine if it had been a fratdaddy you once were pursuing not just a friend?

This also applies to the inevitable sad day when you leave the sorority world for the real one…those numbers will still be of use to you. A fratdaddy always has a place in your phone. He may be a business contact, fundraising buddy, or assistance to your background check you're running on a fratdaddy that you or your fellow sorostitute is pursuing.

Lesson learned today: never delete a fratdaddies number…unless you have it memorized which is another post itself.

Dependable Sirs

While sipping my morning mimosas during my spinning class I reflected yesterday’s events. A well-known fratdaddy texted me at a respectable 1pm. My first thought, “This cannot be good.” Believe it or not, I was wrong. This fratdaddy was exuding all the social graces I would expect from an Officer and a Gentleman. He actually listened to my drunken babbling and attempted to engage in a sober converstation (obviously, I was not stone cold sober, but I digress). I immediately called upon my most trusted sorostitutes who came to my aid at the sorosticastle.

Slampiece – “Jump his bones, or I will.”

Tease – “It’s a game. Play along. But never let him win.”

Southern Belle – “Aww, put on your favorite Lilly dress. Give him a chance, especially if he has a southern drawl.”

Mom – “A hookup background check is needed, but more importantly you must maintain frat relations.”

As I much as I appreciate their advice, I used my alcohol saturated brain to come to my own conclusion: Fratdaddies come and go, but do not be offended, I still adore you almost as much as my new Range Rover HSE LUX and that’s saying a lot. However the only dependable sirs in my life are named Morgan, Jack and Jose.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Insight for every sorostitute who finds herself below the Mason Dixon Line

Here’s a few pointers for any sorostitute who finds herself below the Mason Dixon Line and feeling out of place.

Sweet Tea- drink it, own it, love it. If you are below the Mason Dixon Line, you must drink sweet tea. If you don’t like it, order half sweet/half unsweet and blame it on the calories.

Chick fil a- it aint real if its in the north. It used to be a jewel in the south but the north has stolen it, so now the only true chicken and biscuits in the south come from Bojangles.

Cowboy boots- they match everything. Don’t ask me if it’s acceptable to wear them with that sundress because the answer is always yes.

Lilly dresses- get one, it will go perfectly on daddy’s amex. There are plenty of fakes out there so take your pick but it better be good because I (and every other good southern belle) can spot a bad fake Lilly from a mile away.

Jack Rogers- this is a staple in every southern sorostitutes wardrobe. Jack Rogers look good on everyone, with every outfit, and next to every frat daddy’s Sperrys. Its hard to find fakes so good luck, but if you do, more power to you (and feel free to share the knowledge with the rest of us).

Rainbows- when you are hung over the next morning and you go to put on your nike running shorts and your TKE toga party tshirt, every southern belle must have her go to rainbows to slip on her perfectly tanned and manicured feet.

Accents- own it. If you have a southern accent, take it as God’s blessing, but if you don’t then please don’t give me a headache with your sad attempt to cover up your Midwestern slurs.

Vineyard Vines- every southern belle needs an embroidered whale. work on it.

College football- a proper southern belle has an entire closet designated only for her tailgating attire in the colors of her school. dresses, skirts, and tops. Tailgates are a fashion show for all the southern sorostitutes to show off their fashion knowledge and school support, often sporting a pin with their sorority on it. If you are truly a southern belle, you will NEVER repeat a tailgate outfit, and save the jeans and tshirts for basketball season.

Monograms- how many things to you have monogrammed? Your towels, your koozies, your drink ware, your longchamp and your vineyard vines tote? Get to work because if you questioned any of the previously mentioned items you have a lot of monogramming to do.

Koozies- keep at least two koozies in your bag at all times. No one likes a warm beer (sorry functional alcoholic, it’s the south and tailgates don’t come with wine and cocktails). So update your koozie collection with koozies containing fraternity letters, your sorority symbol (don’t drink in your letters, its tacky), your initials (monograms duh), and all things classy.

Also, clean your mouth out with soap. No southern fratty wants to hear a southern belle hollering dirty words. Be polite, put on a smile (whiten your teeth first), and always stay classy.

Let's hear it for the assholes.

Kanye's new song dropped yesterday at the VMA's, and of course we were all watching, crammed into the living room at the srat house. Immediately we realized it was our new anthem.

"Let's hear it for the assholes. Let's hear it for the douchebags. Let's here it for the scumbags."

Douchebags. Assholes. We love them. We spend hours talking to them over text, in person and on fb. We spend twice that much time dissecting what they say and do, what's on their twitter or fb. They, on the other hand, have it down to a science. They have books about The Game. They are aloof and cool- gaining your attention. Then they make contact, immediately hooking you in. The rest of your srat crew rushes in and tells you everyone he's ever dated, rumored hookups, where he's from and how much $ he has. Then, when you finally decide you will go for it back, they become huge assholes. But only until you deflect. Then, they do as little as possible to reel you back in. Then- ASSHOLE.

Its a cycle. We spend hours lamenting, bitching about fratdaddies and their games. We want nice guys. Puppies! FALSE. We wouldn't know what to do with a nice boy if we found one. What are flowers without an apology? What is a hookup without the 'makeup'? A Tiffany's Classic Setting is made to be wrapped around your finger, not a fratdaddy.

And unfortunately, that's exactly what we love about them.

edit: just so you know, we are just waiting for the male 1/2 of our generation to grow into their Sperry's 

xoxo Slampiece

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bracelets are like Boys

I am losing my teasing touch. Maybe it’s the lack of booze or maybe it is the fact that I found a boy who dresses, acts, and slams perfectly. He is classy, douchy, fratty, and walks around like he owns this campus. And I may be having feelings. I know I vommed, too. (Well, that may have been intentional…). I just don’t understand it. I can’t talk to him, look at him, or walk near him because he is emanates frat essence. He doesn’t even wear jeans because they are for GDIs.

Evidently, it is a matter of Yurman vs. Swarovski when it comes to a tease choosing a boyfriend/monogamy over the chasing/leaving lifestyle. Like Yurman, boyfriends take care, research, and dedication. Once you buy that cable wire bracelet, you’ve invested $2,200 in a piece you hope will not go out of style-- more or less look anything less than perfect at all times. Boyfriends and crushes must always look, act, and attend perfectly. Swarovski is casual wear. There is insignificant investment and it can be purchased on impulse using your Black Amex. Chasing and leaving boys is just as impulsive as swiping for those crystals. Little is lost and little is gained; yet, all are relatively fun and good-looking.

So, here is to investing, taking a chance, wishing for the best, and hoping that cable bracelet dangles on my wrist in the most perfect of fashions. Until the next slampiece comes around I am taking a break and setting goals. Higher standards always begin here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is there an AA meeting tonight?

A posse of sorostitutes is not complete without a functional alcoholic. There are many responsibilities that fall on a functional alcoholic, all are important for different reasons and I'll outline a few key ones. If you can’t figure them out, that’s unfortunate for you. I have other things to do, like be in a bar.

Never blackout, only brownout.

  • The difference? When you blackout, you feel like your life is straight out of a bad mystery novel and you’re two seconds from enlisting Sherlock Holmes to help you put the tatters of your life back together.
  • When you brownout, you may not be able to give a play-by-play depth analysis of the evening, but one little reference will spark a conscious stream of events.

With great knowledge, comes great responsibility.

  • You remember that a fellow sorostitute talked to a GDI for approximately 3 minutes before realizing he was not a fratdaddy, just a wannabe. You MUST inform her of this grave mistake. As painful as it is, she needs to learn a lesson. Additionally, you must assure her that her secret is safe with you and no one else witnessed this horrendous sight. In other words, lie to her face.

Art of Frattabbing.

  • Alcohol can be expensive, but that’s why you must maintain good relations with fratdaddies who are regular frattabbers. When asked what you’re drinking, respond: “whatever you’re drinking, (insert name or endearment of choice here).” If he insists he will order whatever you want, pick diet soda and alcohol of choice.
  • The alcohol you choose says a lot more than you think…
  • Vodka – Classic stand-by choice, don’t think you’ve won me yet
  • Rum – I’m worth your time, stick around, if not, I’ll find other. NBD
  • Tequila – I’ll be going home with you, hopefully with some clothes
  • Whiskey – I’m frisky/desperate. Come get me fratdaddies!
  • If he’s a true fratdaddy he’ll know that if he orders you a rail mixed drink or a sugary, calorie laden drink you’ll excuse yourself to the ladies room and dump out that shit. To keep your frattabber wrapped around your flawlessly manicure finger, you must employ all the social graces of a true sorostitute.

Functionality in heels

  • You must be able to pose, walk, dance, and run in heels while hammered. That’s a functional alcoholic does. You do not sit. You do not slip. You do not fall. Ever.

Drink fratwaters sparingly.

  • Beer is liquid bread and I haven’t eaten carbs since 2007.
  • If you MUST drink beer to defend your title as Queen of Beer Pong use your mixed drink. It’ll show you’re a sorostitute who can hold her booze.

Drunk Food for your fratdaddy

  • Never buy drunk food. Always go home and make something from scratch for your fratdaddy that involves using the stove, or an open flame. It shows your competency as a functional alcoholic and future slampiece.

Finally, HYDRATE while you dehydrate

  • Mix your alcohol with vitamin-enriched drinks like Powerade Zero, Propel or Vitamin Water. It balances out all the nutrients that alcohol flushes out. This is how you prevent a hangover...popping 2-3 ibuprofens won't hurt either.

Being a functional alcoholic isn’t easy. Alcohol takes a toll on your body and mind but for my sorostitutes, I gladly take on the challenge.

Speaking of challenges…

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day

Have an amazing Labor Day weekend!
Labor Day, for you GDI's, means Greek life goes OOT (Out of Town).

  • Pick up some Fratdaddies from wherever your staying for me
  • Don't forget your Jack Rodgers, Southern Belle!
  • Functional Alcoholic- It's your job to know what time liquor stores and bars close where you are
  • Mom- own it.
  • Everyone- Sundresses and Pearls
See you Monday Night biddies :)

I mean *of course* we have central air.

Kisses & Bows,

Thursday, September 2, 2010


In most groups of friends the mom is an awful title however in the world of sorostitute this is not true. Mom may be the one dragging your ass home at night, but that just so she can make it to her fratdaddies place without worrying about you screwing up the sorority’s reputation for the rest of the night. The mom’s number one goal like the mother of any good family is maintaining the group’s reputation.

Mom is an earned title in a group of slampieces. She tends not to be a younger member that is there making sure people don’t drink too much and whining that you shouldn’t be flirting with yet another fratdaddy, that’s just a Debbie Downer (that most likely if she doesn’t shape up will end up being a GDI). Mom is an older wiser sister that has been around the campus to know what’s up. She’s there to make sure that a sister is also upholding the rules.

What mom knows and why you should listen:

1. She is just like your real mom at home in saying, “You’re wearing that?” or no response to “how do I look”. Meaning:

a. That outfit is insanely unflattering making you fat

b. The outfit is too slutty and make you look like a desperate GDI

c. That outfit is too grandma and will not attractive an acceptable fratdaddy, unless he has a thing for cougars

Thus you should change unless you’re feeling like being the responsible sister that won’t be flirting with fratdaddies for the night.

2. When she snaps her finger that means straighten up and fix your hair because you’re getting sloppy.

3. A finger snap with a death glare means shut the hell up about whatever you’re discussing because the topic is an in-sorority matter only or the person you were talking to can’t be trusted.

4. She’s been the one to cry at the bar and be taken home (and people still talk about it) so when she tells you it is time to go she means it.

5. She does know what she is talking about when referencing the fratdaddies on campus…you think they’ve changed, but they haven’t. If they guys her age are still actively in the frat, it can’t have changed too much. Such as the pompous frat is still pompous, but now pompous bros.

6. She can get the info on a guy you’re talking to faster than you can say his full fraternity name.

7. She will remind you that the fratdaddy you’re with has hooked up with certain members of your chapter. Depending on the depth of the previous interaction she may still encourage your time with the fratdaddy.

8. She will be there to comfort you when you find out that a frat talks just as much, most likely more than, a sorority and the thus the whole frat knows who you’ve gotten on.

9. She will tell you to forget about that and accept gossiping frat boys as a fact of life.

10. Most importantly she will encourage you after everything to back after a fratdaddy…because no matter the effect on you one must always, always, always think about Frat Relations…and what is for the good of the chapter is what’s best.