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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Should you delete the number?

(708): having to delete all your hookups stored in your phone as first name followed by frat/bar after they've graduated is such a bittersweet feeling

The moment in life when a fratdaddy graduates is a sad day, but there exists no reason to delete his number. You should never delete a number that could be of use in the future. The appropriate response to a fratdaddy graduating is to now save his number as though he is a business contact by using his full name so John Theta Chi now becomes John Smith. I mean how awkward would it be if John were to come in town for a tailgate, wanted to grab a drink with you so he texts, and you have to ask who it was…that would be insulting and he’d have every right to cancel. You have just successfully lost face time with a fratdaddy with not only daddy’s money, but now making his own money.

For example I made this grave mistake once because in changing fratberries a new number of an older fratdaddy was lost and replaced with his old one, I know I can’t believe I let this happen either. This sir texted and invited me to a sporting event…of course like every good sorostitute I have knowledge of sports to converse with fratdaddies so I was interested, but needed to think about who the sir was I would be attending with. Luckily the fratdaddy was an old family friend so he was a good sport about it, but asking who was texting me was unbelievably embarrassing. Can you imagine if it had been a fratdaddy you once were pursuing not just a friend?

This also applies to the inevitable sad day when you leave the sorority world for the real one…those numbers will still be of use to you. A fratdaddy always has a place in your phone. He may be a business contact, fundraising buddy, or assistance to your background check you're running on a fratdaddy that you or your fellow sorostitute is pursuing.

Lesson learned today: never delete a fratdaddies number…unless you have it memorized which is another post itself.

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