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Monday, November 22, 2010

Your Srattiest Photo Contest WINNER!

Hey y'all, great job with all the Sratty Photos! We are so blessed to have so many followers on Our Twitter and on the blog! We've been trying to update more but unfortunately every once in a while (read: the end of the semester) we need to do a little homework!

We got a lot of great submissions to the contest, and here are some of our favorites:
Emily and her freinds obviously took Slampiece's advice about Halloween Costumes!

They didn't include their name in their email, but these ladies know how to "study" with class- Diet Coke, Crystal Light, Koozies and Tervis Tumblers! Srat on!

Last, but certainly not least is our WINNER....

Kirsten sporting a Kate Spade iPhone case, baking and a homemade apron! A Sorostitute after our own hearts! However it wins the contest because it proves that she is the Sorostitute in our very favorite picture of all time!

She wins the ability to write a guest post for the Sorostitute Stories blog and some hand-crafted items from the Sorostitute Stories team!

xoxo until next time


  1. Oh Lauren, I bet your neck hurt after that nap! Srat on! :)

  2. what happened to the one with the lilly dress and the coozie?

  3. The girl on the right from the top photo should not be wearing a midriff shirt.

  4. what happened to Lauren, the first winner. She was perfect!

  5. Kirsten...have you ever thought of selling aprons? Seriously, if you made some more like that (I love the color!) and sold them, I'm sure that you would have a sratty necessity on your hands.

  6. That apron is not hand made; it's from Anthropologie.

  7. You know what you should do a post on? Differences between fratty and preppy.

    So many people call fratstars preppy and we're really not. Preppies are up in New England. I like to think that frat stars are American versions of Sloanies in England. We like the country, hunting, hate hipsters, and wear classic but fun clothes.

  8. My grandparents are from England and they call me a sloaney! I agree with you though. Preppies don't like to show off their money but sloanies do, as long as what they're showing off is quality. (Ie, an Audi vs. a Honda.) Think Prince William and Kate Middleton. They're very sophisticated and tasteful but you know they've got money. Every fratdaddy and sorostitute should be more sloaney less preppy.

    ANYWAY moving on

    Ladies I still really love your blog! It makes me proud to srat hard 24/7! More updates please and thank you! Could you do a post on sratty phrases?

  9. That's so cute... I love the shiny togas and sratty poses. Beautiful ladies. As for YOU "anonymous", what is it in your life that makes you feel that you have to judge others negatively?