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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'd rather be tailgating

I'd really rather be painting a cooler or tailgating right now, napping, shopping, crafting or doing really anything else. Alas every once in a while you need to take a trip to the test library and brush up on some class work. For those of you currently also procrastinating on your adorable little Macbook Pro's, here is some Thursday afternoon reading:

Hilarious Haters:
Mason-Dixon War- Sorority Style (Sorostitutes love both South and Northern Sisters xo)
Sorority Girl Problems

Caffeine and Cocktails's mention of us:

You SHOULD coordinate your clothes. You SHOULD make him work for it. You SHOULD make sure that you have a "mom" in your group of friends. You SHOULD NEVER cry whilst drunk.
In Defense of Sorostitutes
Sorority Manifesto- Excerpt:
I am a nice girl. I am the kind of girl you hope you will bring home to Thanksgiving dinner. I care about the elementary education of third world countries, I care about the op-ed in the Sunday New York Times, and my main goal in life is to have an engagement ring bigger than that of any girl I knew in high school.
xoxoxoxo Slampiece

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad I found this little piece of prep heaven...and on twitter, too!

  2. A question to ponder while you're bored in class...

    we all know that there are levels - good houses, medium houses, baaad houses. Clearly its best to be in a good house, better to be in a medium than none at all BUT

    which is better, being in the worst house on campus (the ugly/socially awkward/really just sad girls) or a GDI? And by better, I mean which position is most likely to allow you a) to have some fun b) to find a man and c) to be the least pathetic

    I know what I think, but what do 'yall think???

  3. I think that the sorority girl manifesto was a satire of us...and not in a good way?

    PS: Who wears Express jeans? GDI much?

  4. Just writing to say thanks for the link to my blog--I always appreciate the srat support! Keep up the good--not to mention entertaining--work,