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Monday, November 8, 2010

Sorostitute Stories Contest- Your Srattiest Photo

Since we have (thanks to all of you!) over 1000 followers on Twitter as of my check this morning, we are announcing our first ever contest as a thank you!

You will have 2 weeks- until Monday, November 22nd to submit your srattiest photo to us! We want a pic of you at your absolute frattiest, being the best sorostitute you can be! Be creative and have fun!

2 ways to win:
Email submissions:
Send Twitpics on Twitter to: @sorostitutes

The winner of our contest will be able to write a GUEST BLOG post on the site, as well as receive a carefully made picture frame for your winning photo crafted by the Sorostitutes team! (Southern Belle will probably puff-paint you a koozie as well) 

Also- some of our absolute favorite bloggers, the LAX Bro's, have interviewed us for their site! Check it out: 

LYLAS's- Get snapping and sending pics! 

xoxo slampiece


  1. I'm thinking that you should have an alumnae category for those of us sratting hard after college....Just sayin'....'cause I miss it....

  2. of course you can still post-grad frat! your pics are welcome!

  3. Post more blogs pleeeeeease. We love them and wait for them!

  4. Agreed. Also, have any of y'all been to Charleston? I'm from Texas and have never gotten the pleasure of experiencing one of the South's finest cities (or so I hear.) If y'all have, what do you think would be a good packing list for a December trip to Charleston? I don't want to look like an out of touch sorostitute stuck in the wrong state :)

  5. Charleston! I'm so pleased you're visiting the gorgeous Carolina coast.

    The beach is going to be windy and chilly so unfortunately that cute Lilly bikini will have to be covered.

    King Street has excellent places for dinner and going-out. There's also fabulous shopping.

    Dress to impress! Our friend at Social Primer lives in Charleston so there's definitely society and high standards.

  6. I'm from Charleston and right now I am going to school in Texas. You have to try some restaurants on shem creek while you are there. And be sure to walk around downtown.
    Most Charleston girls will wear lily dresses and Jack Rogers. But it will be chilly so wear a cute cardigan, and don't forget your pearls. I would recommend a little tanning before you go. Charleston girls somehow find a way to have color all year round, but be careful, they are experts at spotting a fake tan.
    Have a good trip!