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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Personal Opinion on Greek Class Structure...AKA bottom tier=GDI

I was reading our comments just now when I came across another Sorostitute (below) who is bored in class as I am. She is basically asking if being in a bottom tier sorority is like being a GDI...or if you are, in fact, better off as a GDI if you are in one of these houses. Here is her Q and my personal opinion below!

Anonymous said...
A question to ponder while you're bored in class...
we all know that there are levels - good houses, medium houses, baaad houses. Clearly its best to be in a good house, better to be in a medium than none at all BUT
which is better, being in the worst house on campus (the ugly/socially awkward/really just sad girls) or a GDI? And by better, I mean which position is most likely to allow you a) to have some fun b) to find a man and c) to be the least pathetic
I know what I think, but what do 'yall think???

Slampiece Thinks:
Being greek is not just about being popular, It helps to be in one of the best (if not THE best) houses on campus, as we Sorostitutes are, but being greek is about making friends for life, helping others and having a raging good time doing it. Even the socially awkward weirdo houses have frats just like them, and they can socialize and date in those confines. Being a GDI means you will be friends with just anyone, don't care as much about your future and have no goals. When we send girls through recruitment we can usually clearly see which girls will end up where, but what we tell them is true- you WILL end up where you belong. You wouldn't want to be in a top tier house if you were totally a weirdo misfit, you would hate it and never get out of it what others would. Conversely, if you are a nice girl with a good background and good social skills but you are certainly not outstanding in anyway, you will end up in a medium house and chances are you will have the time of your life and not pay too much attention to the fact that everyone else thinks you are mediocre. 

That being said there is nothing like winning every award your entire four years in the chapter, nothing like having fratdaddies clamor to come to your events because they are "THE BEST", nothing like having parties and events every weekend. We all know our freinds at TFM think that if you aren't in the top 1 or 2 houses you might as well just go buy a hackysac and some cargo shorts and become a GDI. BUT the greek system doesn't work if you only have a few houses, those are lame schools in the middle of the country where being greek means absolutely nothing. True thriving greek systems need all the tiers, and if all the girls who got bids at crappy houses fled, then the whole thing folds. 

As tolerant as I may seem, I do really hate when the really lame lower tier fratties I know post TFM's on their facebook, or when lower tier sorostitutes call them selves slampieces. 

THAT, my sisters, is a title you have to earn ;)


  1. And to each their own. Seriously. I wouldn't be caught dead as a Delta at the other chapter in this state.

  2. agreed- there can't be a greek community with only 1-2 houses. don't hate- appreciate the fact that the weird houses make your house look better!! :)

  3. The top-tier sororities and fraternities at one school can be completely different from other chapters of the same Greek organizations.

  4. I went to a school with a relatively small Greek program. Only 5 social sororities and 5 social fraternities...we had some multicultural ones, but we never really counted them much.

    I think that each sorority has their own feel at each University/College. I went to school in the Midwest, but girls I know in my sorority at U of Oregon would not fit in with us at all.

  5. "Being a GDI means you will be friends with just anyone, don't care as much about your future and have no goals."

    Are you being serious? I can't tell. Because it seems like your goals and future involve obtaining your MRS degree, marrying your fratdaddy, mooching off of his money to buy your high end clothes, and thinking you're the better than anyone else.

    But goals like becoming an MD, lawyer, businesswoman, teacher, those are nothing, because then you can spend your own money on yourself or *gasp* other people. Like people who are unfortunate and aren't as loaded as your fratdaddy is. Those goals are nothing.

    It's all about marrying your being a trophy wife, right?

  6. *your fratdaddy and being

  7. Ew no not at all. I think it is about getting your actual degree AND your MRS! A slampiece that your fratdaddy will never be embarrassed of! Being intelligent and being capable of making a good sandwich! Pretty much you need to be a well rounded sorostitute that isn't dumb as rocks and you need to know your way around a damn kitchen! <3 in the flame!

  8. I go to a small southern college and Greek life is pretty big in that like 50%+ participates in it. We have tons of frats but only six sororities. Naturally, we don't really have that much of a tier system. Sure, some sororities are more "popular" than others, but no one ever says, "Oh, I can't be in that sorority, that's the one for losers." Plus, sorostitutes here don't really judge other sororities. We intermingle. I have friends in some of the sororities that are less popular than mine, and it doesn't bother me.

    IMO, it's better to be in ANY sorority than to be a GDI. I would rather be in the lowest of the low groups on campus than not in a sorority. The only way I wouldn't have gone Greek is if my college didn't have a Greek system.

    Just a side note - ladies, can you do a post on girl code? There's a lot of friendship drama in my chapter lately and I feel like going over the rules of friendship in the sorostitute world would be real conducive for the new girls, and certainly some of us older gals!

    Love your blog as always! Go Greek or go home!

  9. I agree with the above, better to be Greek than not to be Greek! (and definitely good to be Greek in an SEC school!)

    I don't believe there are worthless houses. I think each sorority has something unique and special about it that gives it worth. :)

    And I completely agree with the 11:01 post. Why limit yourself to an MRS? Get out there and put that educational degree to use as well as marrying your fraternity boyfriend.

    Out of curiosity, whats up with referring to sorority girls as "sorostitutes" and "slampieces", and this idea of being subservient to guys? It may be just me, but it sounds really degrading. As a Panhellenic woman, I think we're much better than objectifying ourselves.

    I'm done saying my piece. :'D That aside, I enjoy reading your blog! I especially liked the one on the essentials every sorority girl needs in her closet! Keep up the good work! : )

  10. SouthernCalifornia BelleNovember 6, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    you hit the nail on the head! spoken like a truly classy sorostitute! i came from southern california to the great SEC and didn't know anything about greek life, i just knew i wanted to have a sisterhood. granted i got lucky and wound up in one of the best houses, but even if i hadn't, that's not the most important thing about being greek. now...i was wondering if you could have a post about the best baked goods to bring to fraternities? i'm always looking for new recipes and i really dont want to bring the same things every other girl brings. thanks girl!

  11. Hi Sorostitutes,
    I'm a high school senior who just finished her applications - now that the hard parts over, it's time to get ready for the social aspect of my college career!

    I was raised in the south, but I am not from here. (My parents are from up north, but a pretty wealthy area. We're not talking Jersey or whatever.) Regardless of where I was born, I grew up in the south, and I'm pretty sure I fit the sorostitute "model": attractive, smart, affluent, and fun.

    Of course, since my parents both went to colleges where Greek life wasn't big (just secret societies and the like) I can't turn to my mother for rush advice. My top choice is a small college. (It's in the deep south but it's not an SEC school.) Greek life is popular, but it's not like USC or UGA where I'll be competing against 5,000 other girls for a rush spot. It's competitive but not that much.

    I really want to be in a great sorority and I figure there's no better time than now to start planning. I'm counting on you sassy, classy ladies to help. Thank you!

  12. As the Recruitment Chair for our chapter, I will be sure to write a novel in the summer about how to rush right!!


  13. There def. needs to be a rush post this summer. And by rush post I mean like a 10 part series on how to talk, act, dress, and live during Rush week. We're aiming for second tier or above! (Come on, not everybody can be the greatest!)

    Other things I'd love to see more of:
    -Fashion: Your last post was great, but it would be really cool if you did like an outfit of the day or something.
    -Game Day etiquette
    -Flirting/Dating advice
    -Totally second the notion of a girl code post: We need friendship rules
    -A gift guide since the holidays are coming up
    -Sratty careers for post-grad

    There's so much to cover. Thankfully there's enough time because we know you'll be writing these during boring classes!

  14. Frankly I think there needs to be a post on sratty summer vacation spots.

    That is all!

  15. can you do a post on dating advice... as in you really like this one fratdaddy and don't know how to get him.

  16. Kayte-

    I'd recommend finding older girls that you know in Greek life to write a RIF for you. Well that's what they call it in my sorority, but I'm sure others have something like it.

    It was my experience that it was important to be "known" rushing. They won't know everything about you, but they will know you are coming through!!

  17. Big dittos to November 5 9:46 -
    "Out of curiosity, whats up with referring to sorority girls as "sorostitutes" and "slampieces", and this idea of being subservient to guys? It may be just me, but it sounds really degrading. As a Panhellenic woman, I think we're much better than objectifying ourselves."

    Those are NOT classy, ladies.

  18. I'd really be interested in a post about how to convince my bf to go Greek! I know, I know, he's GDI right now, but hey-people can change! We've been dating since Junior year of HS and we're now Freshmen in different colleges, and I would really love it if he joined a frat when he finally transfers here