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Saturday, December 4, 2010

MRS Degree

Recently, we on the Sorostitute Stories have come under immense criticism and harsh fire for the posts and tweets about getting the coveted MRS degree. Naturally, we let such “haterz” roll off our backs, but the misconceptions and personal attacks are not only unnecessary, but also ignorant. The beauty of our blog, at least in my humble opinion, is that nobody knows if we are truly serious or sarcastically witty. We like to keep it that way.

On our team, we hold seven non-professional writers. Some are students- pre-laws, pre-health care professionals, future educators and nurses. We have girls in the working world making their own living and doing a fantastic job. So, you may be wondering what this MRS degree we keep talking about is.

What it is:

The intention to have a long-term relationship during college (particularly senior year) that (hopefully) ends in a proposal

The intentions of working independently or, ideally, alongside your husband until you shamelessly give up your career to raise children

Cooking, baking, and cleaning to perfection because you ENJOY it

Already picking out baby names with your friends so nobody can steal yours

Planning parties for your hubby’s work friends

Charity. Work.

Sewing, crafting, and having “homemade tricks and fix-its” for the kids

Being equally as proud of your husband as he is of you

What it is NOT:

Blowing off school and acting like a bimbo (Come on, what decent man wants to bring home and wife up a dumb girl with no education and life goals??)

Being a gold digger (puh lease!)

Being a housewife

Being lazy or wasting space


It’s no secret that when sorostitutes have set their mind to something, they will get it. And it is no secret that getting boys to date us and fall in love with us (and fall in love with them back) is part of our charm. Getting an MRS degree, however, is not at all a priority for girls like us. As a matter of fact, getting an MRS is proving harder than getting a degree in biology. Although all the cute pre-meds in the class don’t hurt ;)


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  2. You ladies make me smile. Whether you're being serious or satirical makes no difference to me. I love your posts soso much. :)

  3. Thanks for clearing this up for me! At first I was totally put off thinking that it was only about finding a husband to only throw away whatever degree you got in school to become a housewife.

    Though I do have one question for you. You see, I'm studying to be an architect, which in short terms, makes having a social life near-impossible. The workload is so incredible that I cant attend socials or do anything leisurely late at night. (unless its saturday but there are no socials on weekends)

    Because of this, I havent met any guys out of my 1.5 years in college. I'm not really interested in a MRS, but I at least want to get to know some fraternity gentlemen so that I dont have to skip out of formal/semi-formal/date functions because I dont know anyone.

    Bottom line, is it possible to meet guys without having to go out late at night? It seems like the only way to meet people is to go out at night, but there has to be some other ways. Sorry for such a lengthy post, but I feel like you're really knowledgeable about these things!

    Thanks a ton and love the posts!

  4. "As a matter of fact, getting an MRS is proving harder than getting a degree in biology."

    ...and significantly less useful. Ever considered achieving something with your life?

  5. as a response to your situation, I was definitely in your shoes. I started college last year and I am an engineering major. I know its hard to go out but I still made it to almost all of my social events. One day I saw someone cute on campus and I turned it was one of my sisters friends. I had her bring him to an event for me and thats how I meet my fratdaddy. We have been dating for a year now. I hope you find someone! I considered myself lucky!

  6. :) Proud to be a reader with posts like these. Keep on doing what you're doing (and being absolutely wonderful while doing it), ladies!

  7. is it good when people comment on your blog and ask a question that is directly addressed by what you just posted? because that's what the person like 3 above me did. cool.

    anyway, just wanted to tell you that i really appreciate this clarification. i've had a lot of people accuse me of getting my "mrs" just because i'm an education major, but the thing is, i chose it because that's actually what i want to do when i graduate.

    i think it's important for people to know that you can want to have a serious relationship, eventually settle down, and be a mother figure to a family (the mrs degree, essentially--particularly if you happen to meet that person in college) without having to sacrifice doing something legitimate and worthwhile with your time in college.

  8. Love this.

    Off topic but I'm desperate for idas. Could yall write a post with ideas of Christmas presents for the fratdaddy? I'm already getting mine a nice watch, but I need something cute and personal also. I don't want to do another picture.


  9. i am getting my accounting degree, so i can make the big money until fratdaddy and i get pregnant. then i can stay home and do all our finances. and if i get too bored, i can always volunteer for a non profit or be a personal accountant.

    MRS degree here I come. Ring my NEXT spring. (2012)

  10. Anon 8:06.

    A fabulous idea would be something that he would love, obvi.

    My man has a Ferrari 308 and was introduced to the absolutely awesome Ferrari magazine over the summer. Very spendy, but I know he'll love it.

    Another thing that my mom always says is "people want experiences, not stuff". Another great idea is to take in the Nutcracker or another play in your area with a nice dinner before, and drinks after. It is an experience you, and he, will never forget.

    A little bit less expensive option for an "experience" is your local zoo. Many zoos have a Christmas lights night special. Ours also has an old steam engine train for just $2 more!

    Close to a mountain and resort? A 3-4 day weekend away is awesome. I know a lot of fraternities do that for formal, but at smaller schools big formal weekends don't exist. So it could be fun for just the 2 of you. Or you can invite other couples. The best part about this one, you can do it after Christmas, and possibly even over New Year's weekend.

    Hope that somewhat helps!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  11. I have been ordering Christmas presents since August, but something still felt wrong. I had all this stuff but nothing personal..

    My fratdaddy and I have been dating for 2 years now and I stumbled across the cutest gift idea.

    My fratdaddy loves the beach and sailing around the inlet all summer. Anything nautical would work. So I found nautical flag stained glass.

    Just go to J and J artisans website (ill post the link at the bottom) and you can customize stained glass nautical flags to say anything you want. Great price too! Only 10 dollars per letter. I got it within a week of ordering it. I am so happy with the results, I told a couple of his brothers about it and they have already ordered them one too!

    I got his last name, and hopefully it will be hanging in our beach house one day. :)

    Heres the website:
    (The example looks small but with 6 letters it ended up being over 30'' long and 4 inches in width)

    Hope this helps!
    Merry Christmas.

  12. I have a question that only older, more experience sorostitutes could answer.

    Is it ever acceptable to date a GDI?

    We are not talking a cargo wearing, tattoo sporting, Obama voting GDI. We are talking a wealthy, private school educated, Ralph Lauren wearing, Republican GDI. He's studying architecture and has applied for a job at my dad's firm. The only reason he's a GDI is because he's quiet and didn't want to have to deal with the social aspect of being a fratstar. I am thinking it's OK because he's successful and rich; plus my father approves. I am just concerned that all of my fellow sratty ladies will disown me or something. Opinions?

  13. Anon 4:51

    When I was in college, the GDIs weren't as bad as all the southern girls make them out to be (I went to school in Wisconsin)

    My fiance is "technically" a GDI as in he wasn't in a fraternity because he sounds about the same as your boyfriend. My guy is very quiet as well. But wouldn't be caught dead talking to a liberal.

    If your fellow sratty ladies don't approve, then they really aren't friends. All of my really close sorority sisters from college all think my fiance is great and accept him for who he is and can look past him not being Greek.

    I would never dis-own any good friend for that dumb of a reason. I hope your good friends can accept him.

    And let's be honest. If your parents accept, that's really all that matters.

    PS, I'm not sure about the South, but basically everywhere else, once everyone graduates people do grow up and can look past petty college drama. My sisters and I have a name for people who can't "SO college".

  14. can you do a crafting post? Such as how to make shot books, cute coolers etc. for those of us who are a little bit crafting challenged?

  15. could you do a post on some crafting ideas and directions...such as how to make a shot book, cute cooler etc for those of us that are a little bit crafting challenged?