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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Turning 21: Legal binge drinking

This post will be short and sweet – just like our favorite little Tease. It’s a milestone in the life of a sorostitute when she can pass down her fake ID and proudly show her own ID to the bouncer (who has been letting her in since freshman year) boasting her eligibility to become a member of the 21 Club.

Our débutante ball was a glamorous and memorable event of our youth. It was exciting to turn 18, so we could legally hook-up/date older sirs. It was thrilling to go through recruitment and find our rightful place in the Greek system. We’ll never forget our first fratdaddy – he’ll always have a special place on our “checklist”. However, turning 21 is an experience like no other.

With bars and booze comes more fratdaddies, drunken drama, and nights you’ll never remember. It will be the time of your life with your sorostitutes by your side.

Love you, Tease. Happy 21st Birthday!

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