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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ghosts of boyfriends past

been visited by multiple ghosts of exes past in the recent weeks. Sign i've been too much of a relationship scrooge recently?

A tweet by one of our followers that made me think about how much I love these moments...again I hope you realize I'm kidding. You sit and ask yourself my is my subconscience bringing these moments back to me. Like yesterday I had a dream about my ex-fratdaddy's fraternity. I never really ever dreamed about them in the past because though he and I dated, my heart really belonged to another group of fratdaddies. I then realized that I've had several dreams that the ex's have popped up in and then with further thinking realized that several men of my past have popped back into my life.

So why do men decide they need to pop back into our lives? Here are a few of my experiences...

1. There exists the very odd occassion of actually wanting to be friends. In this case the relationship was actually one of those movie/tv like break-ups inwhich you realized you're meant to be friends. I personally don't entirely believe that this is a real event, but I've heard about it. So after the proper amount of we're awkward around each other time you can once again enter each other's lives.
2. Then there's the "hasn't gotten any action as good as you since your break-up" or worse "he hasn't gotten any at all". In this instance said sir is gonna try and weasle his way back into your life to get another drunken hook-up because he knows you're not dumb enough to do anything sober. This is normally seen through comments that are asking what you're up to, or haven't seen you out in a while. He tries to be friendly, but you can tell her's reaching.
3. He's that old hook-up that you never actually committed to. He's back either to hook-up again for the good time, or he's back to try and get you to commit again. If we wouldn't commit the first time and have spent time apart odds are we won't wanna commit again. If the hook-up was fun why not give it another whirl. Who doesn't love a good hook-up?
4. One of my favorite reasons a guy comes back is he has moved on to another girl...and "she's perfect", "everything he could hope for in a girl". He's now back to shove it in your face. This is where you love your sisters because they come in to tell you that you're so much prettier than her, that she's a down grade, and that you can do so much better than him. I mean of course we've moved on too, but if not this is where you pull your best fratdaddy guy friend (a life must have) to pretend to be your new beau that you're pursuing...if he knows the fratdaddy friend use one of BFDF's (best fratdaddy friend) friends as a cover.
4a. He's coming back into your life because he has recently become acquainted with one of your sisters and is interested in her. In this instance he is asking your approval...not that he really cares but just so he doesn't end up with about 20 beers on his head the next time he's out. Because we know as girls that the first girl always gets the sympathy, the second girl is a bitch, and hell hath no fury like a sorority girl towards a guy that has screwed over her friend.
5. He hears you have found a new fratdaddy so he decides he needs to scope out the new sir and voice his opinions. I personally take this as a compliment; it means he's still not over you and that you still have around your little finger.
6. And finally probably the most amusing...his fraternity is doing a philanthropy event and he needs to buy a ticket or show up and support them. So he's gonna play like a sorority girl and put on that fake smile to get you to support him so he doesn't look bad infront of the bros.

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