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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Profile pictures

When a female ONLY takes pics from her boobs up...chances are,she's fat. Another very good point brought up by one of our twitter followers.

In most cases this statement holds true. Though lets be honest you should be able to honestly tell if she's that fat by her facial structure, I mean you can't have a skinny a face and be huge its just not physically possible.

A profile picture says a lot about you. It is the first way someone judges you thus it must be a valid representation of you. So how do you go about choosing a proper picture.
1. Hair and make up are perfect.
2. Outfit is flattering.
3. Pose is flattering. I suggest a nice sorority squat or arm on hip shoulder tilt. And make sure the head is tilted slightly with the chin slightly raised for the most flattering lighting on ones chin reducing the appearance of a double chin which can happen to even the skinniest girl.

Some fun pictures that I suggest using:
* The picture everyone takes for their mom to show how hot they looked at formal
* The adorable pic you and your fratdaddy took at formal, Greek Week, the tailgate...anything to show that he's yours.
*Bid day pics with your pledge class bestie
* If you get a little she deserves at least a week of prof pic sharing after reveal...unless one of you does not look presentable in the pic.
* Cute pic from the theme exchange that you went to last weekend.
* Pic of you and your bestie to honor her on her birthday.
* Post 21st birthday pic of tallies, but only for a short period of time.

Always remember to keep it classy in a prof pic. Excessive partying in a prof pic looks like a GDI that uses a profile picture to prove that they have fun.

One must remember again that this is our first judgement. And if you're a girl thinking of rushing...none of these apply to you. You must always keep a perfectly polished picture of yourself up until receiving your bid. These include graduation pictures, debutante ball pictures, prom pictures, or anything that you put hours into your presentation with and thus look flawless.

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