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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve

Seeing that it is the only day that it is appropriate to wear a full on sparkle outfit, New Year’s Eve is certainly a great night for any sorostitute. However, I have personally made some NYE mistakes that I certainly do NOT want anyone else to make. I mean, let’s be honest, give us a sequins mini dress, a bottle of bubbly, and night where makeouts and blowing those noisy things until you nearly pass out is socially acceptable and we have a disaster on our hands.

One year, I was so desperate to kiss with someone at midnight that I spent the whole night scoping the parties and bars I was at. I did not pay attention to my drink intake and as a result ending up not remembering the countdown!! I ended up being attacked with tongue by some random guy against my will. Ewww. Upon getting home, a friend of a friend couldn’t keep her shiz together so I became the hair holder while she prayed to the porcelain Jesus. Overall, it was a really and successful fun night on sorostitute terms ;)

We must be mindful to not blackout this NYE. I am making a pledge to myself to keep it classy. Only one bottle of champagne must be consumed per girl. NO RANDOM MAKEOUTS. And it goes without saying


What are your NYE resolutions? What are your stories? Comment below!!


  1. Why do you hate on GDIs? There's nothing wrong with choosing not to go Greek. Honestly it just makes everything so divided when you talk like that and embarrasses the Greek system (not to mention encourages PNMs not to join).
    Just saying, maybe we should be more inclusive.

  2. Happy New Year! Thanks for a fun year of classy, sratty information!

    On a more serious note, I have a question. Facebook. Everyone has one. We all know that only GDIs play Farmville and emo song lyrics in their status. provided fraternity brothers with five rules for behavior befitting men of their status. (No posting "gay" messages on girls' walls, no bad pictures, etc.) What are the sorority girl's rules to facebook? Furthermore, should srat stars like us even have facebook pages? Shouldn't we have enough to do in real life that we don't have time for online social networking? (This is how the boys at fratting hard put it.)


  3. Janie...I deactivated my facebook so that I wouldn't be distracted during finals week and didn't miss it at all! I did reactivate it, however, because even though i didn't miss the annoying notifications (like we care that someone commented on a status we liked three months ago!) & farmville invites, i did miss how beneficial it was to have all of my pictures in one place! however... i'm still more of a twitter fan, myself, and will probably deactivate my facebook again soon, so you won't be alone if you decide to do the same thing! :)

  4. To the Geed above, no sorostitute is ever embarrassed. Obviously our strong self confidence and image encourages PNMs.

    Also, I'm definitely interested in your opinion of facebook! Is having pictures of drinking trashy? Or does it show off that you like to party?

  5. Anonymous: I may or may not get rid of it! It's definitely a great tool for keeping in touch with my friends at other schools and my baby sister/cousins. It's just got so many GDI features. And really, I have enough friends in real life that I don't need "friends" on the internet.

    Elle: I'm not any of the SratStars who author this, but I just wanted to give my two cents. Pictures of drinking are not trashy as long as it's a classy drink and you're not black out drunk. However, as a sorority member, it's a given that you like to party! You shouldn't have to show it off!

  6. I deactivated my facebook ages ago. The only downside: I've graduated and live about 2,000-3,000 miles away from all my friends.

    All I have to say is that I really know who good friends are; the ones who e-mail, text, and call. I don't need the "friends" on FB.

    When I did have a facebook I put up basically every picture I ever took. The good thing about this...I was rarely in them. I think drunk pictures are not okay. Yes, some of you may not want to work, but you'll probably have to at least right out of college. Pictures like that on FB and even FB itself look really bad on future employers that are not part of the family.

    To the anonymous about the GDIs:
    I am not from the south, nor do I know anyone in the south. GDIs where I went to school and where I'm from/live now are no where near as bad as how southern Greeks describe them.
    There is something about going Greek. It makes the world a lot smaller (as in the amount of people who are now your brothers and sisters) but at the same time makes it bigger (connections, etc.).
    Each GDI has their own personality, like all Greeks have their own. We can categorize them, but how you interact with any one in particular depends on their personality.
    On average I really do not like girls associated with this one sorority because of who they were on my campus, but I went to another campus and I associated with a few of those girls really well.

  7. I'm sad there hasn't been a post in a while :(