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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Boots, Boys and Baking- Your questions (finally) answered!

We have all pretty much agreed over here at Sorostitute Stories that we are not going to do a bedroom post. Sorry ladies, but when I joined the chapter and went greek we didn’t have TFM or Sorostitute Stories to tell us what to do. My freshman year I was a mess trying to figure out who I was going to be in college. I can’t tell you how to please your Fratdaddy in the bedroom. I COULD, but I wont. It’s tacky. Relationships take work and are all different and special and blah blah blah. Basically, I’d tell you what to do and you’d do it and he’d freak out and then you all would post negative things. And the GDI’s would get on here and post about how we are all terrible people who are sluts, etc etc.

HOWEVER since I’m done with finals I think its HIGH TIME someone answered some of your more normal questions!

Q: I have a question that only older, more experience sorostitutes could answer. Is it ever acceptable to date a GDI? We are not talking a cargo wearing, tattoo sporting, Obama voting GDI. We are talking a wealthy, private school educated, Ralph Lauren wearing, Republican GDI. He's studying architecture and has applied for a job at my dad's firm. The only reason he's a GDI is because he's quiet and didn't want to have to deal with the social aspect of being a fratstar. I am thinking it's OK because he's successful and rich; plus my father approves. I am just concerned that all of my fellow sratty ladies will disown me or something. Opinions?
A: Depends on where you live, your age, etc. I don’t think I could ever marry a GDI, only because I just don’t think we would ever really understand each other. He would never understand that I spent college with puffpaint, natty, addy and letters while he was studying and….doing whatever it is that GDI’s do? And if you are a reader of this site, you are probably EXTREMELY sratty. You already use the term GDI’s, won’t that get old and hurt his feelings? If you live in the south and/or all your friends and family were/are greek, they might never accept him or agree with your choice. BUT do you really want to let them dictate everything you do for the rest of your life? If you are out of college and live somewhere where being greek is not a big deal starting the day after you graduate, why wouldn’t you go for it? I would never tell someone not to date the Ralph Lauren wearing, republican, quiet rich guy. But, the fact that you HAVE to ask tells me you aren’t in to him enough in the first place!

Q: i really like baking for my boy but i'm a lil worried about mine getting fat is that bad?
A: Caring about your health and appearance is never bad. I love baking, but my fratdaddy would never tolerate a fatty and neither would I. I love to bake and we both love to eat, so I worry sometimes about his waist… the best way to combat this is by going on ‘dates’ to the gym together! Some sratstars will tell you to use fat free butter spread or skim milk in your baked goods. THEY ARE WRONG. Using substandard ingredients make your baked goods terrible, the trick is to bake for your man and work it off! OR, have him share with his brother’s…then you win their hearts, too ;)

Q:  I'm studying to be an architect, which in short terms, makes having a social life near-impossible. The workload is so incredible that I cant attend socials or do anything leisurely late at night. (unless its saturday but there are no socials on weekends) Because of this, I havent met any guys out of my 1.5 years in college. I'm not really interested in a MRS, but I at least want to get to know some fraternity gentlemen so that I dont have to skip out of formal/semi-formal/date functions because I dont know anyone. Bottom line, is it possible to meet guys without having to go out late at night? It seems like the only way to meet people is to go out at night, but there has to be some other ways. Sorry for such a lengthy post, but I feel like you're really knowledgeable about these things! Thanks a ton and love the posts!
A: I know most of you think that we are all elementary ed majors and comm students who don’t have anything better to do than post on our blog, but as you can see from the lack of posts, this isn’t true. We have more than one science major, pre-med, pre-law, history, English, etc. We have homework, and papers, and tests to do. As much as I love to craft and drink and bake, I have to make choices. Usually good ones. If you can spare even ONE night out a week, do it wisely. One of the smartest girls I know is one of the most fun. Do you homework. Wake up early if you must, wake up at 7am, do your homework during your breaks (even though you’d rather be napping). Trade Saturday night for Thursday so you can  go to your social. It doesn’t matter what day you go out, if you wanna meet fratties or go to the best parties, pick and choose your battles, you can do it J

Q: Also I would love a small mention in a post about what being "lavaliered" as opposed to being "pinned" means. I know it means different things, obvi, but no one's been able to explain to me what exactly those differences are. And also as a girl who is going to be lavaliered soon, hopefully, do you wear them along with your sorority lavalier? Or do you replace it with his lavalier? Thanks! Axoxo
A: To be lavaliered is to indicate that you two are in a serious, committed relationship. This goes back to the days before it was “fb offish”… you are offish together, but you are not just a girlfriend. Usually/hopefully this leads to being engaged and then, in most sororities, you get a candle passing ceremony! You def wear your lavalier AND his together, and the difference between pinning and lavaliering is slight. You don’t have to be lavaliered, then pinned, then engaged but that’s how they used to do it. Lavaliered is committing to a serious relationship, pinning is saying to that girl that they are AS IMPORTANT AS HIS FRATERNITY. It is the step before engagement and it’s a BIG DEAL. Lavaliering, then pinning, then the Tiffany. Got it?

Q: I was just reading this while online shopping on Vineyard Vines and was wondering what your opinion was on the new VV tote, still acceptable in winter or no?
A: I like a longchamp in the winter but VV is great if it matches!

Q:blackberry or driod??
       A: I am not CNET or Consumer Reports or the guy at Sprint or my daddy, but I have a BBcurve and I adore BBMing with Tease.

Q: Also, what would you say the srattiest brands of cowboy boots are? Never having bought cowboy boots before, I feel like I have an idea of the style and look like I want, but I want to make the sure the brand is right too.
       A: you can never go wrong with Frye boots to be safe. Look for western stores that make their own boots or go to boutiques and find a vintage pair. DO NOT go to macy’s or a chain store, southern belle will be able to tell from a block away that you are a fake, just like your boots.


  1. Do you all have any recommendations for outerwear that is wind proof and still sratty? Oklahoma winters aren't necessarily all that cold, but they feel that way due to the wind, and just a Northface denali doesn't cut it most days. I hate zipping it into my windproof Northface outer jacket as I feel like a GDI and totally shapeless, but being cold to the point of pain is not my forte either.

    Also, what is the protocol for dealing with coats while at the bars? At the frat castle I usually just find a friend that lives there and leave the coat in his room, but bars don't have that luxury.

  2. I fb chatted freinds from all over the country toda to figure out there go-to winter coat situation. Northface makes a really cute coat called the "TNF APEX" apparently its way better than a denali for places where it is windy but not that cold, it's not fleece so the wind doesn't go right through.

    As for bars, I personally try to take an extra shot before heading out sans coat. But I was bred in a state that encourages crazy winter behavior. If I must venture out with a coat to the bars I wear a pea coat I got from Banana Republic- it's nice enough to wear out but I won't be heartbroken if it gets lost/stolen/mustardstainsfromdrunkeating.

    Bar Coat Protocol-
    1. make friends with the bartender and have him put your coat where the employees do. Guarenteed that it will survive the night. If not, you made a friend who will give you one of the extra Denali's that stupid girls leave behind every weekend (trust me, it works).
    2. like i said, don't wear one! only works if it is above 20 degrees. yes, 20.
    3. get a cute fratdaddy/boyfriend to hold your coat and his. he will be kinda huffy about it but remind him that he already has to hold his AND maybe you will reward him
    4. find the darts machine. hide your coat behind the darts machine, trust me it will be there when you return. (just make sure no one sees you stashing it!)

  3. Just to add to the boot question, as a Texas girl I feel like I need to give my opinion.

    Any one from Texas would tell you that Lucchese is the best brand of boots, but Ariat is a good and cheaper option that still looks authentic!

  4. I just finished being Standards in my chapter (toughest position ever btw) and am ready to reclaim my fun status. What's the best way to do this and earn the love of all our babies without reverting to going fratting and being a freshman blackout mess?

  5. I know you said don't. but our Macy's (literally one of 5 shopping stores in my city) carries Frye (I live in Oregon).

  6. Please do a post about paddle decorating ideas, tips, or whatever. Pictures of paddles you have done would be awesome because I haven't found very many cute ones online. I am at a smaller southern school and our chapter has not done paddles in the past but my PC is trying to start up that tradition by giving them to our bigs when we get back from Christmas break. I think that post would be extremely helpful. Thanks! Srat on, ladies.

  7. Justin brand boots are also really good- Comfortable and not extremely expensive, you can find them at most authentic western wear stores!

  8. Paddles - In my sorority, everyone gets the same wooden iron branded paddle from their big when they initiate, but I do know that another chapter of ours in the north does give their big's paddles at senior night instead. They usually have quotes, inside jokes that you share with your big, a picture of the two of you. Def. make sure you have To Big:(insert name) Love Little:(your name) - or you can do "Big Sis" "Lil Sis". Your crest is also another good idea, but you may have a hard time with that!

    My advice - Keep it simple... The Simpler the Better - They won't be in the sorority much longer - so if it is tacky they will store it away!!! So, put the picture, your letters, and your names on the front, and any quotes, stories, or inside jokes on the back! You don't have to follow this template, but it will probably work the best!

    Be sure to FRAME the picture before you stick it to the paddle!!! like a cute cardboard/paper frame or thin painted wooden one!

    Finally, Be creative, you don't have to use your sororities colors, mascot if you have a really funny inside joke! (I saw one that was a red dynamite stick, but the girl was like 4'10" and the joke was dynamite comes in small packages, so cute!)

    Lavalier - As a side note I COMPLETELY DISAGREE with Slampiece on this one! I would say DO NOT wear both your lavalier and his! At least, where I live that is a BIG NO NO! You only wear his in place of yours :)

  9. I'm going to visit my boyfriend for New Years and of course I'm bringing his family a gift. Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas. Normally I would bake, but I'm flying and I don't want to show up with a smushed cake or broken cookies. Help?