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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letters Today, Leaders Tomorrow.

Lot's of GDI's/haters on the internet lately (they don't have anything better to do I guess).  

They will say that you are just a cookie cutter ho who wears the same outfit as your 200 sisters. What they don't realize is you have fun. A LOT more fun than then will ever have in college or the real world. They don't get that you know it's college, that's why you are having fun now. Because lord knows in a few years you will be happily married with a great job, an even better husband and some cute kids. And they will be single, living off their parents and working for you.  Know why? Here's why:
  • Over 800 campuses in the United States and Canada participate in GreekLife.
  • All but two US presidents since 1825 have been Greek
  • All but two US VP's since 1825 have been Greek
  • All of the Apollo 11 Astronauts were Greek
  • 85% of the Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity
  • Graduation rates for Greeks- 70%. GDI's- 50%
  • 1 st Female Senator was Greek 
  • 1 st Female Astronaut was Greek 
  • The Greek system is the largest network of volunteers in the US, with members donating over 10 million hours of volunteer service each year 


only 2% of the US population is Greek. 

So, while we have TFM, they have TGDIM and TCCM.
We have hundreds of "sisters" and "brothers" who will be our best friends for life. They have the their chemlab partner and fr year dorm mate. Going Greek is not for everyone, obvi, but if you know what's good for you and your future, you made it into a set of letters and you made it to this site. 

I wear nike shorts and take addy like a champ, I'll be the first to tweet about it. But I also get good grades and will go to graduate school. 

My sisters spend just as much time planning recruitment as studying for their tests (ok, more). We have Honors students, Engineers, Chemistry, Physics, English, Political Science, History, Education, Communications and Business Students. We have studied in many different countries. We have almost 100% involvement in other activities. We play intramural and club sports, we do ROTC, we have jobs. We joined a lifelong bond and stuck with it. 

If you're greek, raise your hand. If you're not....raise your standards.


  1. Amen. Couldn't have said it better myself, honey. From the outside looking in you will never understand our lives.

  2. I love this blog so much. This post. Wow.

  3. Thank you for writing this post. These are some of the exact reasons why I'm proud to be called a sorority girl

  4. I'm a graduate student sorority alumna who works on saving the rainforest (to say in so few words) so it makes me roll my eyes when people talk about how sorority girls are "dumb".

  5. love it! couldn't agree more!

  6. I absolutely love this. I don't think GDI's understand that while I love baking and spoiling my FratDaddy with baked goods, I am also a math major and have goals for myself in life. I couldn't have said this better myself. :)

  7. This is fabulous. I adore sorority women that "get it" and aren't just here for some letters on a t-shirt.

    "If I paid for my friends, I surely didn't pay enough."

  8. love this! yall keep representing us well!

  9. I couldn't have said it any better myself. :) Srat on girl!!

  10. Amen! This has to be one of the best blogs yet! I am also a sorority alumnae, starting graduate school this spring. Being in a sorority made me leader I am today, the best decision I've ever made was to rush!

  11. Good post ladies, but even as a srat girl I must say that ugg boots and nike shorts are simply tacky!

  12. I've always given the approximate stats whenever a GDI mocked my sorority life, and I'm pumped to know the correct stats! Thank you!

  13. Totally agree. I just graduated last year and am currently at a fantastic job making more money than any of my GDI friends from high school. They looked at my resume and said, wow, you did everything.

    I said, I'm Greek. Duh.

  14. I'm not Greek, and before any assumptions are made, I want to say that I don't hate on anyone who is Greek. I'll be honest, it's hard not to roll my eyes when I see someone personifying the stereotypes that are so well-known about the Greek community, but as far as I'm concerned, every individual is different. Some of my best friends are Greek, and I've met a lot of great people who are their sisters/brothers.
    That being said, you don't have to hate on people who aren't Greek as much as you have. Honestly, people are different. Just because someone isn't in a sorority or frat doesn't automatically make them a hater who deserves to be insulted and stereotyped by you. It's a two-way street, and the second people start to understand that stereotypes don't define a person--Greek or not--is the second that things can actually start to be seen for what they are.

  15. I'm a GDI and I have a lot of fun in college. I didn't buy my friends. TGDIM

  16. Love this post!!!! And 20+ years later my sisters are still my best friends!

  17. "All of the Apollo 11 Astronauts were Greek": Actually, out of the Apollo 11 astronauts only Neil Armstrong was Greek (Phi Delta Theta). Both Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins went to West Point.

    "1st Female Astronaut was Greek": Sally Ride was not in a sorority.