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Sunday, August 29, 2010


They say misery loves company. Or at least that is what a proper sorostitute says when she loves them and leaves them. The beauty of being a sorostitute is that you have an excuse to break hearts (and cheap sunglasses) as if they were going out of style. Being a heart breaker is hard work, mostly for the sake of our reputations. That is where the fizzle comes in handy. The fizzle is the oldest known trick for sorority girls used primarily to keep first-class frat relations. It starts by slowly lessening communications between two parties mainly girl and boy. Well, actually attractive girl and lucky boy. Leaving a text without a response or “accidentally” not answering every other phone call until they all go answered is the key factor into fizzling perfectly. Meanwhile, dumb boys think you are busy and don’t put two and two together until all communication (sex) ends. The fraternity brothers don’t find out about it until you have moved on to the next brother (or for a lower blow the next fraternity.) Every tease can fizzle to perfection but must be careful not to fizzle too soon or too harshly. More importantly, she must provide her sisters with the utmost care and monitoring as they too fizzle or are getting fizzled. Once again sorostitutes prevail as pretty little liars.

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