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Thursday, August 26, 2010

10 Random Rules of Class

1. Thou shalt always wear letters while working out- other sorostitutes are jealous/guilty, GDI's know to stay away and PNM's love it.

2. Have a signature drink. Even if it is Natty, White Zin from a box or (god forbid) Smirnoff Ice, it set's you apart from a girl who will take anything. Preferably your drink is something people are impressed by or shows your personality, but if you are a PBR girl, own it.

3. Never wear the same outfit to chapter twice. Ever.

4. Never be tagged in pictures where you are wearing the same outfit. Change your hair, accessories, or swap dresses but never look poor.

5. Never admit to stalking. We all know you stalk fratdaddies. Their ex's. Your sister's biffer from home. That dude from the bar. Just don't admit to it. A true slampiece doesn't have time for that shit.

6. If someone cries, its time to go home. If one of your girls is at the crying stage of drinking....go home.

7. Always be wearing pearls, Tiffany's necklace or similar. Nothing says sloppy like no jewelry.  (Note: Theme party exception)

8. Hungover? Tired? Woke up late? Didn't make it to get your brows done? Big Sunglasses.

9. Never text a guy first. If he asked for your number, don't look desperate and text him. Guys who get your number from a 3rd party are losers and should be avoided.

10. Absolutely no GDI's.

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