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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Stretch

So if you hadn't guessed it by now, I, Mom, am our post grad contributor. This is the reasoning behind why you see so few posts from me. I didn't get my ring by spring, have a full time 9-6 job (that I love), and am still trying to figure out what my fratdaddy is thinking.

I was asked to be part of the staff knowing I had plenty of stories stored up from my wonderful years in a sorority. I was a sweetheart of two different chapters. Dated guys from two others...and lets say set a pretty high standard in fraternity relations for girls after me. I also knew the importance of our chapter. I was elected into a small position my first chapter meeting as a freshman and continued to serve our chapter in a position (including 2 terms on E-board) until I graduated. Also was and continue to be an open ear. The girls on the staff, and those not on our staff, know that I will answer my phone at any time of the day because I know if they are calling something is wrong.

So here I am to share some advice for our readers as many of you enter into your last semester of college:

1. Find a freshman to bond with. I still remember my senior mentor and aspired to bond with girl just like she had with me. This also keeps you strongly connected to the Chapter that made you who you are for a couple years longer.

2. Bond with a chapter advisor. I know some of them may be super stuffy, but they've been where you will be in a couple months. They have the job, the husband, and dedication to a bond that is life long. Learn from her story of how she decided to give back and impact your life.

3. Don’t miss an event with your Chapter. I know plenty of girls that wished they’d gone to more events, sisterhood and social. Don’t be the girl that regrets missing moments with her sisters.

4. Take as many pictures as possible to celebrate the memories. Those pictures make great additions to any post grad rooms. Or even better yet my little made me a coffee mug with a bunch of them on it so I take it to work with me every day smile thinking of the memories I have from the events of those pictures.

5. Don't be afraid to "just be friends" with a fratdaddy. Some of the most fun nights I had in college were just hanging out with the guys at the bar and some sisters singing Karaoke. Though we all hope for that ring by spring lots of guys are scared of settling down that early so be their friend. He's gonna have girls throwing themselves at him so be there for him. One day he'll realize that the girl that he's telling everything to and makes him smile is the girl he needs (yes he does need us).

6. Don't give up on that fratdaddy too soon. Sure he it might not look like he’ll give you that ring by spring, but you never know how 6 months of work can change him. You never day he may surprise you and take you out to lunch for your birthday ;)

7. Do every thing! Don't take a second to think if you should be going out with the girls! You will never have the senior year moments again. (If you’ve put your study effort in any weeknight is acceptable to go out.)

8. Find the most fun formal dress!!! Remember that yes you’ll still have a need for hot little black dresses and practical cocktail dresses, but this is your senior formal live it up.

9. Plan lots of final senior outings: group lunches, graduation/formal dress shopping parties, movie nights, and of course "the" senior bar crawl.

10. And most of all its YOUR SENIOR YEAR!!! Do not let anyone let you think otherwise. These are the last months you have to make an impact and go out with a bang! Make sure your sisters know who you were and that Chapter was changed for the better because of you!

Live it up girls!!!!



  1. Love this post! It's so true! It's so scary, nerve-racking, and exciting to have graduation just a few months away!

  2. As a recent post-grad myself I love this advice. Totally on target.

    Maybe next a post for those of us who are sadly alumna status but are keeping it sratty in the real world?

  3. This post is great. What's the law on wearing letters post graduation. Once and sister, always a sister but when is that line drawn? Otherwise I'm going to be shipping a lot of stuff back to my little.

  4. I just wanted to say thank you. I am in a similar situation for many of the things you listed (including just needing to be friends with the fratdaddy). I hope (and know) you will do amazing things and have an amazing post grad life. From one Senior Sorority Gal to another, have fun, be fun, and sisterhood forever!

  5. Made me tear up :) I'm a sophomore and absolutely living every moment to the fullest, and it makes me so excited to look forward to more awesome years to come! This was such a sweet post, great job!

  6. LOVE it! such lovely advice :)

  7. im a senior in HS about to graduate and i came across this blog one day bored in class! can you possibly do a post on rushing this fall or any related topics?

  8. Love this!! When I finished undergrad (almost 3 years ago), I broke up with my ex-fratdaddy. I started law school & met a much better fratdaddy. He proposed within 2 months & now we've been married for a year! So, to any girls surrounded by GDIs after undergrad, you will find an amazing fratdaddy (despite the million GDIs).

    I would love if you guys would write a post on baby names! (I know I'm not the only girl that has been thinking of names since I was 5 haha). I'm graduating law school in two months & we have just started trying to have little fratlings. I have sooo many names in mind, but we would LOVE suggestions!